An efficient production process

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 An efficient production process

About us

From the day The Fatory was founded, we have made the development and production of nutritional supplements for your dog, cat or pigeon our speciality. Our snacks constitute a perfect addition to the daily diet of your pet.

Every day we work passionately to further improve our products and to develop new flavours, often in collaboration with other companies. All our products are produced on location in Bodegraven in a cold chamber and we make sure that during the production process all products are used completely, so no waste remains. We also use a waste water drainage to keep the waste water separate, as we care about our environment and strive to produce as efficient as possible.

We are also aware of our social environment and that is why the biggest part of our packaging work is carried out by a sheltered workshop in Zwammerdam. This way, we meet the demand for extra work in sheltered workshops, but also allows us to deliver our products effortlessly.

From thought to food

At The Fatory we are always busy with the development of new flavours and products. Sheep fat is often the main ingredient, but we are not afraid to think outside the box and experiment. Read on to see how our thoughts and ideas ultimately end up in the belly of your pet.



B.G.S. Founded by Bjorn de Bruijn

Bjorn works at a pet store and decides to start his own business called 'Bjorns Gereinigd Schapenvet'.


Move to industrial site Kerkvliet

Four years later, the business starts to grow and thus we decide to move to the industrial site Kerkvliet.


Our first packaging machine

To scale up production, we purchase our first packaging machine.


New products

This is the year we added liquid sheep fat and salmon oil to our product line .


B.G.S. becomes Vitaal-Vet

As the company continues to grow, we decide to change the name to Vitaal-Vet.


Liquid production line

The start of our liquid production line marks the further professionalization of our production line and offers new ways to continue to grow.


GMP+ certified

The only real way to guarantee quality is when the whole production process gets carried out in a carefully described and controlled way. And that is what the GMP control stamp stands for. A nice recognition of the quality we work hard for every day.


Vitaal-Vet becomes The Fatory

The company keeps growing, and so do our ambitions. To that end, we decide to freshen up our name and brand identity; Vitaal-Vet becomes The Fatory.


New website

We also introduce a new website to go along with our new name and brand identity.


Coming up: dog food toppings

We keep on doing the things we love and do best; develop and innovate. We?ve got something new cooking in the kitchen and we hope to introduce our new dog food topping this year.

What we do

Treats for dogs, cats and pigeons

Since day and age we have been developing and producing different forms of animal nutrition, suitable for dogs, cats and pigeons. The Fatory produces two animal nutrition products; sheep fat and salmon oil.

Both products are available in different shapes and sizes and are sold under private label throughout Europe.



Our professional production line allows us to produce as efficient and environmental friendly as possible. It also allows us to produce products on a larger scale for third-parties and to fill out bottles, mixes and packages.

We are also keen on experimenting with new flavours and developing new products. So if you have a great idea, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Curious about our production facilities and possibilities?

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A sneak peek in our kitchen


We like to hear from you

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